No Wrong Turns

overhead photo of green garden labyrinth

Ever feel like you’re running a maze, hitting dead ends, or going in circles?  The first step in understanding your journey and improving your experience is getting familiar with the path.

The labyrinth serves as one of the grounding foundation for my coaching. Though the labyrinth has twists and unexpected turns, we see that it is always leading us towards our ultimate goal. There are no dead ends or wrong turns in labyrinths. Our ability to reach our goal is entirely dependent on our commitment and ability to stay the course.

Likewise, I believe that everything we experience in life is “for us” and an essential part of our journey. When faced with the unexpected or difficult, it is up to us to decide whether we’ll stall, turn back, or persist. If we stall it may seem as though we’ve hit a dead end. If we turn back it may seem as if we’re going in circles. But if we persist we’ll gain the strength and perspective we’ll need for the next step on our journey.

Persistence takes vision, discipline, and faith. That’s what my coaching focuses on. I work with nonprofit leaders, activists, service providers, and all those who serve to find and affirm their path, care for themselves so they can sustain the journey, and transcend the day-to-day for a deeper appreciation of what it means to walk.

Coaching Discovery Call

There’s nothing I enjoy more than connecting with mission-driven people who are looking to tap into their authentic power. I’m excited to learn more about you, the work you do, and explore what working together could look like. Here’s what you can expect in our time together.

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