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Leading Today Is Challenging

Can you relate to these common struggles?


Meeting everyone’s needs except your own.


Trying to fit a mold of leadership that just isn’t you.

Burnt Out

Struggling to regain the fire you once had.

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I'm here to help good people be their most powerful selves...

Chris Knight, CPC, Certified Empowerment Coach

I found myself drowning in a sea of feedback, “best practices”, and conflicting messages. I was looking to others for direction on who and how I needed to be. I didn’t know that I was giving away my power and losing my magic in the process. It wasn’t until I found ways to listen to my inner voice and muster the courage to follow it that I started to once again stand firmly in my unique gifts and experience the power, confidence, and increased impact that comes with that.

My mission is to help good people do great things. I believe that our world needs you, not as a carbon copy of some prototypical leader, but as the most authentic and empowered version of yourself.

Signature Coaching Program

Be Powerfully You

I work with seasoned and emerging leaders who are dedicated to making this world a better place. I help them cut through the noise and external expectations and get clear on what really, truly matters to them and then access the power within themselves to bring it into being. If you’re committed to making a difference and looking to step into your authentic power in order to do it I would love to work with you too.

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